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Zachary Diamond
Portrayed by Lee Abbate
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 12
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Moved back to his Mum's house
Mother Sarah Brown
Father Jez Diamond
Guardian Sian Diamond
Sisters Madi Diamond

Zachary "Zack" Diamond  is a former pupil of Waterloo Road and the son of P.E teacher Jez Diamond. He has a sister, Madi Diamond.

Zack arrives at Waterloo Road wary, under-confident and easily embarrassed, with a bedwetting problem. Jez Diamond foisted his alpha-male, competitive streak on his son and was quickly disappointed; Zack is no go-getter and his parents have made him deeply inhibited. His domineering mother and princess sister wore the trousers in the old Diamond household. Zack craves his father’s approval, and feels downcast that his dad leaves him on the benches. Zack can fight back, and thinks the whole world is against him, but at Waterloo Road he comes to realise that relationships aren’t defined by the survival of the fittest. Buried inside Zack is a brilliantly-observant kid with a special talent. Will he finally get off the benches, find his voice, and get to spread his wings?

When Waterloo Road was closed in series 7, Zack went back to live with his mum and start a new schoool.

His best friends were Harley Taylor and Naseem Siddiqui.