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Martin Howard

"Wilson Bingham"

Portrayed by James Rawlings
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 15
Last Appearance Series 3 Episode 16
Cause/Reason Arrested for abuse of trust as teaching staff
Occupation Supply Teacher
Spouse(s) Unnamed Wife
Romances Janeece Bryant (inappropriate relationship)
Jasmine Koreshi (to cover up relationship with Janeece)

Martin Howard, masquerading as Wilson Bingham, was introduced in Series 3 Episode 15 as the replacement supply teacher covering Jasmine Koreshi during her suspension. In reality he was a man with a criminal past including sexual assault charges.

Being a successful and enthusiastic teacher, and having marked Jasmine's coursework while she was away, he was a hit with Rachel Mason as well as other members of staff, and was discussed to be in line for a permanent post after a staff reshuffle. 

It was later seen that Wilson was having an inappropriate relationship with sixth form pupil Janeece Bryant, sending text messages and kissing in school. Steph Haydock soon became suspicious and attempts to keep Janeece away from Wilson to protect her by giving her lunchtime detention.

Wilson instructed Janeece to keep their relationship a secret and insisted he had a surprise for her. To cover up their relationship and to satisfy the suspicion of staff, Wilson asked Jasmine Koreshi on a date which was planned for after school. During lunchtime, Wilson took Janeece to Manchester, to shop and then to a hotel room. He took Janeece's phone so she couldn't contact others and cannot be contacted. 

When Wilson did not attend his final classes, the Senior Management Team became suspicious, and Wilson's contact details with the supply agency did not match up with the records. It was later found that his details were that of a different teacher and that the person acting as Wilson Bingham was in fact a impostor and not a qualified teacher (which explained his poor marking as previously noted by Jasmine).

After having sex with Janeece in the hotel room, Wilson broke it to her that he is married and is not interested in a relationship. He then left her in the hotel room without any clothes. When Tom Clarkson and Steph Haydock found Wilson at his caravan, they find pictures of school girls on the walls, including Janeece and Tom's ward Chlo Grainger, which suggests Wilson works as a supply teacher to get close to young people. Tom attacked Wilson for what he had done to Janeece and he was arrested by police after they discovered his true identity.