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Wayne Bodley
Portrayed by Qasim Akhtar
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 16
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 16
Cause/Reason Unknown
Mother Mrs Bodley
Brothers Unnamed older brother

Wayne Bodley was a Year 11 student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 6 Episode 16.

Wayne made fast friends with Kyle Stack after showing him pornography on his phone on his 23-year-old brother's account but when he tried to get Finn Sharkey interested he walked away. In Tom Clarkson's English class he showed Tom the pornography on his phone which immediately sent him to Karen Fisher's office where he was reprimanded for his possession of such material on school grounds. While in school he made several misogynistic and perverse comments towards women including Jess Fisher and Lauren Andrews. He also tried to get Denzil Kelly interested in the pornography which led his half-sister Sambuca Kelly to accuse Finn, who was meant to be looking after Denzil, of showing him the pornography.

Later he discovered a sex tape of Karen's daughter Bex Fisher, who was running for Head Pupil at the time, filmed by her predatory ex-boyfriend Dylan Hodge on the porn site and showed it to Kyle and Finn. Bex enlisted Finn to stop Wayne spreading the video around school, and after Tom confiscated Wayne's phone he stole it from Tom's desk drawer and made a run for it, which led to a physical fight between him, Finn and Kyle. Tom saw the video of Bex when he took the phone back and told a devastated Karen about it. When put in the cooler by Tom and Karen, he made lewd comments towards Adanna Lawal which led to her calling him a "sexist pig" and threatened to call his mother, which made him panic and plead her to not do it. After experiencing misogynistic abuse from him Adanna asked Tom to speak to him about his mother instead, as she believed he would listen to a man more.

After Bex discovered it was Wayne who found the video she confronted him in the toilets and kicked him, taunting him by saying that he only watched pornography because a real woman wouldn't want to be with him. To get revenge on her, he and Kyle printed out posters of Bex from the video and spread them around school, causing everyone to discover that Bex had appeared in a sex tape. When confronted about his actions Tom discovered that Wayne's hatred for women stemmed from his mum recently abandoning him and his older brother. Despite Wayne's vicious campaign against Bex she made a powerful speech in her Head Pupil presentation and eventually won the position after the students voted for her, though she wasn't in school when she won as Dylan had taken her to stop him releasing a similar sex tape of her sister Jess.

Tom and Chris Mead signed Wayne up for the mentoring scheme where he would be coaching children's sports alongside a female boss. It was hoped that this scheme would help Wayne. He is not seen again.


  • Wayne's actor Qasim Akhtar also appeared in Series 2 Episode 7 in a small role as a student called Aaron.