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Waterloo Road was a British television series created by Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick. The series premiered on the 9th March 2006 on BBC One. In 2015 the show was axed, and was moved onto BBC Three for the rest of the final season. The last episode aired on the 9th March 2015, the nine year anniversary of Series 1 Episode 1.

The series chronicled the lives of the staff and pupils of Waterloo Road Comprehensive School.




Throughout the nine series of Waterloo Road that have aired, audiences have been shocked and astounded by the mature content of the series and the accurate portrayal of teachers and pupils lives as they struggle to make it by and affect the lives of those around them.

There’s a school like Waterloo Road in every town in Britain. The staff are overworked and underpaid, the budgets only ever seem to get tighter, and the kids more troublesome. It’s a melting pot of class and race where the day-to-day troubles of its students spill out in dramatic ways.

However, every pupil knows that at Waterloo Road they’ll always be cared for by the staff and given every chance to achieve an education. The teachers themselves are often far from perfect, but as any pupil with a problem soon discovers, a few motivated and inspiring individuals can make a massive difference.