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Tiffany Westbrook
Portrayed by Sammy Oliver
First Appearance Series 10 Episode 1 (Home Sweet Home)
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 10 (The Final Straw)
Cause/Reason Mother didn't feel safe around Justin anymore
Mother Allie Westbrook
Brothers Floyd Westbrook
Romances Justin Fitzgerald

Tiffany Westbrook Is the daughter of Allie and sister of Floyd Westbrook. She and Floyd started at Waterloo Road when Allie and her boyfriend Vaughan got jobs there.


Tiffany is very optimistic, bubbly, mature, good willed and happy. She is keen to make friends with people, even though they prove to be difficult, namely Justin. She is a peaceful girl who wants happiness for her family and makes an effort with Justin to create a nice home.


"Ew, Mum!" (First line)

"We're sleeping together" When she tells Allie she is sleeping with Justin

”I don’t love you anymore,” her parting words to Justin.


In Episode 4 Tiffany and Justin kiss after both of them admitting they like spending time together. Since Justin found out Tiffany has a crush on him he has not been so moody and unhappy. She and Justin began a secret relationship in which she would visit Justin nightly in the converted garage which had been turned in to his bedroom.

After Justin tried forcing Tiffany to run away with him, she went to stay with a friend. In Episode 10, when Justin punched Allie, Floyd called Tiffany and she returned. After being told about Justin going to prison, she was by herself. While walking out of a classroom, Justin came up behind her, and said he thought he lost her. She yelled at him for what she did to her mother, saying she didn't even want to be friends.

After Vaughan refused to send Justin to a boarding school, Allie knew the only way to protect Tiffany and Floyd, was to leave. Tiffany's last scene included her hugging Vaughan and sadly sitting down in the back of a taxi. They drove off, and weren't seen again.