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Tasha Lefton
Portrayed by Rachel Cairns
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 17
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 17
Cause/Reason Went to be treated for her eating disorder
Mother Mrs Lefton

Tasha Lefton was a pupil at Waterloo Road in Series 4 Episode 17. Tasha has been scouted as a model much to the jealously of Aleesha Dillon. However it is revealed that, Tasha is staying thin by not taking insulin for her diabetes. This reaches its peak when Tasha collapses in the school corridor duet to her blood sugar levels being sky high.

She eventually admits to her mum and Steph Haydock what she has been doing. She breaks down and tell them that, "if she's not a model then there's no point." Tasha finally agrees to get help for her disorder. She is not seen again.