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Tariq Siddiqui
Portrayed by Naveed Choudhry
First Appearance (Regular) Series 7 Episode 11
Last Appearance (Regular) Series 8 Episode 10 (Paradise Lost)
First Appearance (Guest) Series 9 Episode 7 (Lies Mothers Tell)
Last Appearance (Guest) Series 9 Episode 7 (Lies Mothers Tell)
Cause/Reason Finished school
Mother Samia Siddqui (Deceased)
Father Mr Siddiqui
Sisters Trudi Siddiqui
Naseem Siddiqui
Romances Emily James
Liberty Gordon

When Tariq Siddiqui arrives at Waterloo Road he is on his final warning. Tariq's father moved him and his sister to the school as it is his last hope and all other options have been exhausted. Tariq's tenure at the new Waterloo Road is rocky and he soon finds himself in a rivalry with almost everyone he encounters. Despite Tariq's past Michael has faith in him and believes he is a natural leader and appoints him a prefect, a position he loses as soon as he gains it for continued bad behaviour. Tariq also later runs for Head Boy but loses to Finn Sharkey who soon becomes his rival.

Despite all his flaws Tariq cares deeply for his family, especially his sister's Trudi and Naseem. He however, firmly believes he knows what is best for Trudi and attempts to control her every move. An act that causes Trudi to resent him at times.

Series 7

In Series 7 Episode 21; Tariq is quickly roped in to the school's newest threat, the 'Dale Sken Crew' (DSC) a knife gang active in the area. In episode 21, Tariq's former cell mate Mason Price joins Waterloo Road. Kyle reveals that he has been with the gang all summer and both him and Mason are members of the DSC. Mason and Kyle want to recruit Tariq in to the DSC. After Chalky disrespects Tariq, Kyle and Mason both decide that he needs to get some revenge; after pulling the fire alarm they vandalise his classroom and graffiti the DSC tag on his whiteboard.

Tariq is sceptical about joining the DSC but after Mason acquires a knife from Gaz; a fellow gang member after Finn pushed him to the floor. He is threatened in to membership by Kyle and Mason. They tell him they will put the word out that he is an enemy to the DSC. After agreeing to join, Tariq is tasked with luring Finn to the arcade where the rest of the DSC will be waiting. Tariq and Finn get in to a fist-fight which ends with Mason taking out the knife and telling Tariq to stab Finn. Chalky arrives and stands between Mason and Finn, refusing to move despite Mason brandishing the knife in front of him. The police soon arrive and the rest of the DSC flee, Mason is arrested.

In Episode 22 Tariq is convinced by Chalky to run for Head Boy and is given a knife by Kyle Stack after he correctly believes Tariq is looking for a way out of the DSC. Kyle tells Tariq he can't back out of the gang as his prints are now on the same knife that was used in a robbery. Tariq loses the Head Boy vote to rival Finn Sharkey and as a result he resets his sight on the DSC.

In Episode 24 Tariq is angry at Trudi after she forgets it is the 1 year anniversary of the death of their mother. Tariq, Naseem and Trudi visit her grave to pay respects.

In Episode 25 Tariq tags a wall in town with the DSC symbol for an article for the school newspaper. Later on, he finally discovers that Trudi is pregnant with Finn's baby. He agrees to support her in whatever decision she makes after she tells him she won't be controlled anymore. He also begins a relationship with Emily James

In Episode 26 Kyle hatches a plan to start a fight with rival gang the 'Murray Set Boyz' (MSB) led by Eugene; during the school's running event at the Murray estate. Tariq and Kyle engage in a mostly verbal altercation with the MSB before it is broken up by Chalky. Eugene later ends up at Waterloo Road after the run and is threatened by Kyle and Tariq, a physical fight ensues before it is broken up by Chalky and Michael. Tariq and Kyle lie to Michael claiming Eugene came for them. Michael then hints to them he knows they are both members of the DSC.

In Episode 27 Tariq goes with Trudi to the abortion clinic but she is unable to go through with it. Kyle sees Finn purchasing a car from Eugene and him and Tariq vandalise it. After the exam, Finn discovers his vandalised car and Tariq mocks him, he also learns from Finn that Trudi has had a miscarriage which Tariq is happy about.

In Episode 28 Tariq and Kyle sell illegally imported Russian vodka, they convince Harley to help them after Kyle gives him some new trainers. Trudi also learns from Tariq that Finn has joined the MSB. Kyle is later excluded after attacking Sian.

In Episode 29 the MSB enlists Finn to carry out an arson attack on the DSC's hangout. Finn throws a molotov cocktail inside; unaware Naseem is in there. He runs in and saves her. Tariq attacks Finn and the rest of the DSC arrive as Eugene and the rest of the MSB come out of the bushes. A brawl is about to erupt before Michael and Trudi arrive and both gangs flee.

In the final episode of the series Kyle and Tariq plan to kill Finn with a crossbow that Kyle had ordered to Tariq's house. Tariq is immediately uneasy at the idea but is talked in to it by Kyle. He distracts Ronan who has returned to cater for the prom while Kyle puts the crossbow in the back of Ronan's van so they can get it past the metal detectors and in to the school; Tariq hides the crossbow in his locker. Later, Tariq witnesses the MSB come in to the school to attack Finn for leaving the gang; they later confront him and Tariq informs Eugene that Finn is on "borrowed time" and that he and Kyle are going to take care of him at prom. Eugene says that Tariq has bigger problems with Finn than he does and so he can deal with Finn and there will be "no comeback". Tariq fakes a truce with Finn and the pair shake hands. Josh, having overheard Tariq and Eugene earlier tries to warn Finn that Tariq isn't genuine and is up to something but Finn won't believe him. Tariq tries to back out again as him and Kyle practice with the crossbow but Kyle threatens him. He then tells him to move the crossbow to the top of the bike shed in case Tariq's locker gets searched. When the school is finally closed and all the students are leaving, Michael tells Tariq about the plan to open the new Waterloo Road in Scotland and that he is more than welcome to a place if he wants it but Tariq is not interested. Immediately afterwards he goes to the bike shed and moves the crossbow to the locker room so that Kyle won't be able to find it. As the secret prom begins Tariq and Kyle arrive and Tariq informs him that the crossbow has gone missing and that he will pay Kyle back. Kyle acts like he is unbothered telling Tariq "your beef" and Tariq goes inside. Kyle breaks in to the school to look for the crossbow. In the meantime at the prom Tariq speaks to Trudi and tells her that he is leaving the gang and she should stay with Finn if it makes her happy, he also asks Finn to make sure she gets home safe. Tariq leaves the school and goes to the locker room to take the crossbow with him; only to find out that Kyle has already taken it. He runs back to the dance to warn Finn. Kyle steps out of the shadows and fires the crossbow at Finn, Josh pushes him out of the way but gets his arm grazed by the bolt. Michael restrains Kyle and he is arrested and sent to prison. Tariq tells Michael he will go to the police and tell them everything about the DSC.

The day of the Scotland move has arrived, the students and teachers board the bus. Tariq arrives and Michael tells him "clean slate". The group stop by the England Scotland border to pose for a picture. A horn is heard and a lorry goes ploughing straight in to the group.

Series 8

In Series 8 Episode 1 after the lorry crash Tariq has been left paralysed from the waist down and is now wheelchair bound. He lives in the school house and feels his life is over. People treat him differently and don't believe him to be capable of even basic tasks anymore. Sian visits him at the schoolhouse to inform him of the prosecution of the drunk lorry driver who left him paralysed and killed Denzil; she suggests that he should take up canoeing but he doesn't appear interested.

In Episode 2 Tariq attends the memorial service for Denzil. Josh tries to convince Tariq that he is still capable of achieving great things, he sets up ropes in the gym for Tariq to climb but he falls and is stuck on the floor; he hides under the stage out of shame. Lula Tsibi finds him under the stage and she tells him that God has punished him for having "an ugly heart" and that is why he is now in a wheelchair. Tariq becomes visibly angry when she tells him it is because of bad things he has done in the past. Sian comes to speak to him and he tells her that he thinks Lula is right and that it is karma what happened to him. Sian and Josh tell him that isn't the case as Denzil did nothing to deserve to die.

In Episode 3 Tariq falls out of the bath at the schoolhouse and is unable to get himself back in to his wheelchair. He is mortified when Grantly has to come and help him and tells Grantly he doesn't know how he is going to use a kayak if he can't even get out of the bath himself. Tariq continues to become more hostile to those around him, especially Josh who wants to come to Tariq's kayak trial to support him. Tom asks Tariq to fetch some books from his car and while he is outside he urinates himself due to being unable to control the lower half of his body properly; he throws the box of books to the floor and starts to cry. He records a video message of himself for Trudi who has since moved to Canada; he is deliberately vague in his wording but this is essentially his suicide note as he plans to drown himself at the kayak trial later on. After Phoenix tells Tariq that he wants to fight Gus for mocking him earlier, Tariq tells him he doesn't want him to and that "life's too short". When he hears that Scout, Josh and Phoenix want to come to the trial to support him, he changes his mind about the fight and tells Phoenix he should go; he later tells Gus that it won't just be Phoenix he has to fight and he should bring some backup.

Josh begins to grow suspicious that Tariq may be in trouble, he asks Chalky to hack in to Tariq's email account where they find his suicide video and Chalky immediately informs Michael who tries to call Tom.

Tom and Tariq have arrived at the kayaking trial. Tariq tells Tom that he left his phone in the car in order to distract him. Tariq takes out Tom's phone and sees there is 4 missed calls, he leaves the phone on his wheelchair. Tariq paddles out in to lake and removes his life jacket. Michael soon arrives and goes to get help for Tariq. Michael returns with a boat driver as Tariq flips the kayak. In the boat, Michael reaches Tariq in time and is able to save him from drowning himself. Back on the shore, Michael is able to talk some sense in to Tariq and he insists he still wants to do the kayaking trial. They all return to school after the trial where Josh reminds Tariq about the fight; Tariq intervenes and him and Gus make up.

In Episode 4 Tariq along with the other Waterloo Road boys take part in a rowing machine marathon to raise money for Tariq's kayaking gear.

In Episode 5 during the interschool competition between Havelock and Waterloo Road. Tariq finds Havelock student Liberty Gordon taking pills before the race and informs the Havelock high headteacher.

In Episode 7 Tariq attends the work experience day at Lorraine's call centre.

In Episode 10 Tariq finds out that he has earned a place on the Paracanoeing World Championships team. He also proposes to his girlfriend Liberty but she rejects him but they agree to continue their relationship regardless. The school holds a celebration party for Tariq before he leaves the school.

Series 9

In Episode 9 Tariq attends Grantly's funeral and helps Kacey with her boxing training. This marks his final appearance.


  • Actor Naveed Choudhry, before he played Tariq, appeared in Waterloo Road before in a few episodes of Series 3 and 4 as Shahid Kapoor, one of the trouble makers along side Bolton Smilie.
  • He is seen to be the secondary antagonist during the second part of Series 7 but slowly becomes to be an anti-hero in some occasions.
  • He served as the main protagonist in Season 7 episode 21, episode 22 and episode 30.
  • In Series 9 Episode 7, Tariq is the only past character that returned to the show to attend Grantly's funeral.