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Sonya Donnegan
Portrayed by Victoria Bush
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 9 (Skin Deep)
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 20 (A Fairytale Ending)
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Born 14 March 1983
Occupation Secretary
Mother Maureen Donnegan
Sisters Lorraine Donnegan
Romances Ndale Kayuni

Sonya Donnegan is everything her older sister Lorraine isn’t – bubbly but dim, friendly but feckless, an idle – but not malicious – gossip. Her duties as secretary at Waterloo Road can test Sonya to her limits at times, but in spite of it all, she finds the job suits her personality down to the ground. Her warmth and likeability (as well as perma-stocked ‘sweetie draw’) mean that Sonya is a much loved member of staff.

She is portrayed by Victoria Bush. She gets on well with the students, like Rhiannon and Dynasty

Sonya fell in love with Ndale in Series 8 (Whilst Ndale was engaged to Audrey McFall). Both Audrey & Sonya became broken-hearted by Ndale upon discovering he was working at Waterloo Road to supply for his family back in Africa.

In Series 10 Episode 13, Sonya found out she might have cancer after discovering a lump, but, to her relief, later found that the lump was benign. However, Guy Braxton misunderstands Sonya and soon after the whole school finds out she has cancer. She is flooded with support from Christine Mulgrew, Audrey McFall and Maggie Budgen. She later invites Guy to stay at her home. In Series 10 Episode 18, she is led to believe by Rhiannon Salt that Guy has a crush on her however that is not the case, and she is even persuaded by someone to believe Guy is gay. In Series 10 Episode 19, Rob Hutchinson arrives and hears about Sonya’s “illness.” She is persuaded by Rob to use her illness to help save the school. During the press conference, she breaks down and reveals to the interviewers and the whole school that she doesn’t have cancer. Rob threatens Sonya and accuses her of making him look a fool, leaving her in tears. Sonya receives a lot of hatred from the staff and the pupils.


Sonya is the longest serving school secretary being in the role for 61 Episodes from Series 8 Episode 9 to the end of the show. Janecee Bryant served as the school secretary for 59 Episodes.