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Shahid Kapoor
Portrayed by Naveed Choudry
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 8
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 12

Shahid Kapoor was a pupil during Series 3 & 4. Though rarely seen, Shahid was good friends of Bolton and Paul. The first time we see Shahid is when Eddie Lawson takes Bolton, Paul, Dominic, Shahid and some others to a camping/biking trip alongside Tom, Grantly and Davina. Later in the series Rachel Mason and Matt Wilding takes Bolton, Paul, Shahid and Dominic to visit a Prison, which results in Matt getting attacked and knocked out by one of the prisoners, who was in prison for GBH.

Shahid reappears in Series 4, when Karla Bentham starts doing portraits of people with Michaela White, and Shahid is their first customer, however this is the last we see of Shahid. It is assumed he left school the same time as Bolton and Paul.


He was portrayed by Naveed Choudhry, the same actor who later portrayed Tariq Siddiqui in Series 7 and 8.