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Series 9 Episode 4
Text Rated

S9 EP4.jpg
Episode number 164
Release Date 26th September 2013
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Simon Meyers
Director Roberto Bangura
Writer Karen Laws
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 9 Episode 3 (The Madness of King Windsor)
Next episode Series 9 Episode 5 (Crossing the Line)

Text Rated is the fourth episode of Series 9.


George discovers that Princess is planning to leave him to work in London. He tries to thwart her departure, but Kevin helps her to escape. Given a makeover by Dynasty, Rhiannon asks new boy Darren Hughes to an upcoming dance, sending a revealing picture of herself to his phone. Barry Barry bullies him into sending it online and Rhiannon is mortified, but Dynasty organises revenge by photographing Darren and Barry in the shower. Christine steps in, demanding all photos be deleted and announcing that any similar future action will involve the police. The dance goes ahead, with Rhiannon making a triumphant entrance with her friends. Audrey discovers that her new internet friend Moira is Lisa Brown, trying to scam money from her, and decides to contact the twins' estranged ex-army grandfather.


It’s the launch party for Waterloo Junk-tion, and Rhiannon’s determined to get herself a date. George tries to make amends with Princess, but discovers it might be too late. Audrey finally realises her new friend Moira isn’t what she seems.

The school is excited about the launch party for their new fundraising initiative, Waterloo Junk-tion. Determined to have a date for the party, and encouraged by Dynasty’s make-over, Rhiannon asks Darren to go with her and is delighted when he says yes. But she’s left mortified when Barry persuades Darren to get some saucy photos from her and they end up shared around the school.

The girls rally around Rhiannon and exact revenge by snapping photos of the boys in the gym showers.  This forces Christine to stage an emergency assembly to address the serious issue of ‘sexting’ at the school and the effects on everyone involved.

Meanwhile, George is trying to save his marriage as Princess tells him she’s bored with her life and wants to leave for London. When George attempts to thwart her plans by taking her credit cards and bag, Kevin steps up to help her with upsetting consequences for both George and Dynasty.

Elsewhere, Audrey finally realises that the Brown Twins are still bearing a grudge and new friend Moira may not be what she seems.

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