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Not to be confused with the Series 8 episode with the same title
Series 9 Episode 17
Nowhere to Run

S9 EP17.jpg
Episode number 177
Release Date 19th February 2014
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Alex Kalymnios
Writer Ann McManus, Di Burrows and Alex Lamb
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 9 Episode 16 (A Bolt from the Blue)
Next episode Series 9 Episode 18 (Dynasty's Choice)

Nowhere to Run is the seventeenth episode of Series 9.


Immigration officers arrive to deport the Tsibis, whose appeal has been turned down. Lula's mother is arrested, but Lula escapes to the school, where George is standing in for Christine, who is visiting Connor. He believes Lula should give herself up, but Audrey and Maggie lead the pupils in a campaign to let her stay, involving the press and local councillors, as well as a full demonstration on the school roof, during which Shaznay pretends to be Lula to buy time. However it is all in vain, and Lula reluctantly leaves Waterloo Road. Meanwhile, Gabriella publicly humiliates and ditches Barry Barry, who claims to be planning a 'big job', and Simon offers himself as go-between for Nikki with Vix. He also makes sure that Christine will hear how George failed to handle Lula's situation in the appropriate way. Carol is displeased when Dynasty informs her that she is applying for the police force.


George is left in charge while Christine has a day off, but is soon out of his depth when Audrey rouses the school in a mass protest against Lula’s deportation. Barry wants to discuss his future with Gabriella, and Dynasty is distressed at Kevin’s condition.

George is left holding the fort while Christine has a day off, but his opportunity to skive is soon thwarted by news that Lula’s mother has been taken away by the Immigration Office. When her pleas for help fall on deaf ears, Lula turns to Audrey, who rallies the school to protect her. While George is off enjoying a charity lunch, the Immigration Officers arrive for Lula but Audrey and the students are prepared. Soon a mass rooftop protest is underway, much to Simon’s horror.

Barry takes Gabriella to a fancy restaurant to announce his plans for their future together, but his dreams are short lived when Gabriella is less than receptive.

Dynasty visits Kevin in hospital and is left devastated at the prospect of his slow recovery.

Main cast




  • Sarah Niles as Cecile Tsibi (Final appearance)
  • Iain Fletcher as Declan Pierce (One-off appearance)
  • Carl Au as Barry Barry