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Series 9 Episode 10
Happy Ever After

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Episode number 170
Release Date 7th November 2013
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Jamie Annett
Writer Chris Murray
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 9 Episode 9 (Father Figure)
Next episode Series 9 Episode 11 (Bad Girl)

Happy Ever After is the tenth episode of Series 9, and the last episode of the first part (Autumn Term) of Series 9.


On his wedding eve, and with his interview imminent, Simon is overwhelmed when he finds Robert has bought him and Sue a house, and he reacts badly to single parent Avril Mack's complaint that her son Stevie is being bullied for his stammer by a vicious girl gang. Christine bravely details her own domestic problems with Connor in an effort to find out underlying home difficulties with the Macks, and Simon is sufficiently impressed by her candour and bravery that he stands down from the headship candidacy, endorsing Christine, who - with unexpected support from Imogen's mother - wins the permanent headteacher post. The theft of Kacey's travel fund is discovered, and Nikki prepares to make up the money herself, but Kacey discovers that her own brother stole it and exposes him in front of the school, as a result of which Carol kicks him out and Kacey flies to the United States as planned. Sue and Simon get married, and decide to elope, leaving the other staff to enjoy their - and Christine's - celebration.

In this episode, Barry Barry gets disowned by his family after they find out that he stole the money that was raised by the school to fund Kacey's travel to America for boxing training.

Also in this episode is Simon Lowsley and Christine Mulgrew having interviews with Robert Bain to see who gets the job as the headteacher.

At the start of this episode we see Stevie Mack getting bullied by Lisa Brown and Shaznay Montrose because of his stammer. Christine Mulgrew gets her son Connor to speak to Stevie in front of his mum about her alcoholism. We also see Simon Lowsley getting accidentally punched in the face by Stevie during the latter's fight with Lenny Brown.

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