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Series 8 Episode 9
Skin Deep

Episode number 139
Release Date 18th October 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Roberto Bangura
Writer Chris Bucknall
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 8 Episode 8 (The Price of Love)
Next episode Series 8 Episode 10 (Paradise Lost)

Skin Deep is the ninth episode of Series 8.


Connor believes his mother's lies about Audrey, and to cheer him up Kevin burns a book belonging to Audrey's family. However, seeing Christine's glee at Audrey's distress makes Connor realise that she is in the wrong. At a mediation meeting, Christine's open hostility to Audrey and Audrey's dignified response also gives Sian cause for doubt over Christine's claims against the older teacher. Lorraine, as a favour to their mother, brings in her sister Sonya as a replacement for Janeece. She is not especially efficient, but endears herself to Audrey by putting out the fire and comforting her afterwards. Audrey also gains Rhiannon's confidence when she learns that the girl self-harms because of her weight, and even reconciles her with Scout, as well as persuading Michael not to exclude Kevin when he admits to the arson. Michael also agrees to help his father die 'when the time comes'.

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