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Series 8 Episode 8
The Price of Love

Episode number 138
Release Date 11th October 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Nicola Larder
Director Fraser MacDonald
Writer David McManus
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 8 Episode 7 (A Woman Scorned)
Next episode Series 8 Episode 9 (Skin Deep)

The Price of Love is the eighth episode of Series 8.


Kai Murray is a single father who lives an austere freegan life, forbidding his daughter Morag and her little brother the use of mobile phones, television and cinema visits. He regards Lorraine's competition to design a school bench as blatantly commercial and destroys Morag's effort. However, Tom helps her make another, which wins, but Kai arrives and threatens to take Morag out of the school. Ultimately he proves he is open to compromise, and Michael, likewise, pays another visit to his father - who asks him to help him die. When Christine neglects to mark her class's coursework due to her alcoholism, Connor marks the papers, but Audrey spots discrepancies and mentions it to Christine, who reports her to Michael for bullying. Incensed at seeing his mother back on the bottle, Connor goes to torch all the benches in the contest, but stops when he hears somebody coming. Madi leaves to work on a cruise ship, whilst Daniel, applying to be a foster parent, discovers that cheeky but clever new boy Kevin Skelton is in care.

Main cast




  • Ron Donachie as Billy Byrne
  • Niall Greig Fulton as Kai Murray (One-off appearance)