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Series 8 Episode 5
Future Proof

Liberty Gordon.jpeg
Episode number 135
Release Date 20 September 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Paul Cotter
Writer Sally Tatchell
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 8 Episode 4 (Read My Lips)
Next episode Series 8 Episode 6 (We Need To Talk About Cheryl)

Future Proof is the fifth episode of Series 8.


The local paper publishes a damning report on Havelock and Findlay's slovenly attitude on the day the school is competing in a quiz and road race with Waterloo Road. Havelock's star athlete, Liberty Gordon, sold the story, and asks ex-Havelock teacher Audrey to get her into Waterloo Road. At the quiz, Waterloo Road thrashes Havelock, and, though Liberty wins the race, she is seen to be taking drugs - actually her unwell mother's painkillers, as she believes she is arthritic. Findlay is discredited, as he was aware of the drugs, and, after a confrontation with Audrey when he loses it, agrees Liberty should change schools. Janeece continues to exploit Daniel as a childminder for her baby Cheryl, dumping her on him in class. Connor believes he has got through to Christine when she agrees to see a doctor after falling down the stairs drunk. Sian promises Billy, who is terminally ill, that she will reconcile him with Michael, and Scout is the victim of a nasty hoax by fellow pupil Rhiannon.

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