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Series 8 Episode 16

Episode number 146
Release Date 7th February 2013
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Nicola Larder
Director Nigel Douglas
Writer Davey Jones
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 8 Episode 15 (Mr Chalk's Waterloo)
Next episode Series 8 Episode 17 (Baby Be Mine)

Sanctuary is the sixteenth episode of Series 8.


Connor is put on probation and transferred to the PRU, but feelings run high against him and a girl gang, led by Dynasty, set upon him. Imogen comes to his rescue, after which they finally reconcile. Former pupil Bolton Smilie, now a soldier who has served in Afghanistan, comes to see Tom and is asked to give a speech to the school. He is however very nervous, and it is a disaster. In fact he is a deserter, AWOL from his military post, scared by his experiences in Afghanistan, and, when the military police are alerted, he takes Grantly and his class hostage at gunpoint, though Grantly manages to defuse the situation, and Bolton is arrested by the military police. Lorraine considers closing the PRU unless it can produce good exam results.

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