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Series 8 Episode 14
Sins of the Father

Episode number 144
Release Date 24th January 2013
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Fiona Walton
Writer Paul Farrell
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 8 Episode 13 (A Woman's Worth)
Next episode Series 8 Episode 15 (Mr Chalk's Waterloo)

Sins of the Father is the fourteenth episode of Series 8.


Christine is shocked when ex-husband and Connor's presumed father Joe turns up, wanting her to sign a document relinquishing her right to a legacy from his father. She reluctantly lets him see Connor, who, in view of his mother's past lies, wants to leave with Joe, but it is revealed that Connor is not his son, as Christine was raped by Joe's father, and so Joe and Connor are actually half-brothers. After being told this, Joe leaves without the boy, and Connor also finds out as he overhears Christine telling Michael. He also plucks up the courage to tell Imogen the truth about the fire, but she is appalled and rejects him. After Lorraine's car is found and the police question Barry Barry, Nikki comes to see who stole her vehicle - though there is no proof - and apologises publicly to Scout. Sian arranges for the Barrys to be taught separately, as Barry is a bad influence on his sisters.

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