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Series 7 Episode 8

Episode number 108
Release Date 22nd June 2011
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lucy Martin
Director Joss Agnew
Writer Davey Jones
Credits See List
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Eighth episode of Series 7.


New girl Jodi Allen, known as Scout, is dirty and prone to sleeping in class. Visiting her slatternly mother, Chris is shocked to learn that she allows Scout to run drugs for her for extra money, and he buys the drugs from Scout on the condition that she stops dealing. The police are called and Scout is suspended, and Eleanor is quick to use the situation against Karen. However, even she is shocked to learn that Whitman wants to close down the whole school. At mock student elections, Jess and Vicki begin as rivals, but end up renewing their friendship and deciding to keep their babies.

Main cast




  • Andrew McNair as Darren (First appearance)
  • Tristan and Shaun Pires as Liam Allen (First appearance)
  • Lisa Riley as Tina Allen (First appearance)
  • Nicholas Gleaves as Richard Whitman