Series 7 Episode 3

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Series 7 Episode 3

Episode number 103
Release Date 18th May 2011
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lucy Martin
Director Jill Robertson
Writer Katie Douglas
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 7 Episode 2
Next episode Series 7 Episode 4

Third episode of Series 7.


Amy discovers she has a stalker, who turns out to be shy, asthmatic Stuart Foley, whom Eleanor advises to stand up to his bullying father. Eleanor organises a project where the sixth-formers film themselves, but it ends in disaster. Finn and Josh break the uninsured camera and Stuart uses it to expose his father's affair with Amy's mother, leading to Karen disciplining Eleanor. Sambuca has filmed herself explaining she has terminal cancer, and it is watched by a stunned Finn. Janeece gives Daniel a make-over, and Rob warns Aiden to behave himself with the girls given what happened at his last school. Rob tells Karen he is on an Open University course and hopes to teach.

Main cast




  • Elaine Symons as Rose Kelly
  • Mark Cameron as Mr Foley (One-off appearance)
  • Ian Aspinall as Dr Kanda (Final appearance)
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