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Series 7 Episode 28

Episode number 128
Release Date 11th April 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Tim Key
Director Paul Murphy
Writer Chris Bucknall
Credits See List
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Twenty-eighth episode of Series 7.


Alcohol-addicted pupil Shelby Dixon persuades Madi, who has turned eighteen, to celebrate in the pub, and the girls return to school the worse for drink. Jez accuses Shelby of influencing Madi, and gets into a fight with Shelby's father, Alan, who just happens to be the Director of Education for the Rochdale LEA. Things get worse as Kyle is selling illegally-imported Russian vodka, and Nikki catches Shelby paying for it with sex. Kyle is expelled after hitting Nikki in the face, and Finn resigns as head boy after being caught fighting with his gang rivals, whilst Jez also quits and takes his children with him. Grantly and Maggie go on a date, whilst former pupil Lorraine Donnegan, now a millionaire businesswoman, asks Michael to be the head of a new, independent but non-fee-paying school she wants to open as a model of excellence.

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