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Series 7 Episode 27

Episode number 127
Release Date 4th April 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Tim Key
Director Paul Murphy
Writer Chris Murray
Credits See List
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Twenty-seventh episode of Series 7.


Jez moves out. Josh returns to school, but takes himself off his medication. Whilst researching for his project about plague victim John Ingleby, Josh becomes obsessed with a plague pit under the school. At a séance, Emily tricks him into believing that Ingleby is trying to contact him, which has a disastrous effect on him during an exam. Finn and Trudi reconcile, but only after she has had a miscarriage, leaving her distressed that she never told him of the pregnancy, and, to avenge himself on Tariq and Kyle, Finn joins Eugene Garvey's gang. Janeece is stood up by Craig on her wedding day, and Daniel discovers not only that he has robbed her and cleared her account, but is known to the police for doing it before. However, at the reception, Janeece convinces the guests that she dumped Craig.

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