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Series 7 Episode 26

Episode number 126
Release Date 28th March 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lucy Martin
Director Steve Hughes
Writer Alanna Hallum
Credits See List
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Twenty-sixth episode of Series 7.


Grantly returns to school less than a week after his wife's death, and is supported by Harley, as well as Maggie, to whom he is becoming increasingly close. On the day of the school fun run, star athlete Mercedes Garvey injures her ankle, and when Jez takes her home she misreads the signs and throws herself at him. After he has rejected her, she claims he made a pass at her, and her brother, Eugene, attacks him. Tom has to get the truth out of Mercedes. Eugene is a member of a street gang known as the Murray Set Boyz, and DSC members Kyle and Tariq set out to pick a fight with him. Craig publicly proposes to Janeece, whilst Trudi dumps Finn without telling him of her pregnancy, and Sian tells Jez their marriage is over.

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