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Series 7 Episode 25

Episode number 125
Release Date 21st March 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lucy Martin
Director Steve Hughes
Writer Matt Evans
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Twenty-fifth episode of Series 7.


Trudi confides in Tariq that she is pregnant by Finn, but they agree to keep it quiet and she arranges for an abortion. After Josh freaks out in Nikki's class, Tom tells his son about his suspected condition, and suggests they see a psychiatrist. Grantly's Alzheimer's-stricken wife Fleur deteriorates and he walks out of school, leaving a letter of resignation, to take her away from her care home to the cottage where they spent their honeymoon. Tom follows and persuades him to return Fleur to the home, but she dies, having unexpectedly recognised Grantly one last time. Back at school, Michael refuses to accept the resignation, and grants him compassionate leave, Harley being an unexpected comforter. In the light of Grantly's loss Janeece announces that she and Craig, a boyfriend she has only recently met, are getting engaged.

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