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Series 7 Episode 24

Episode number 124
Release Date 14th March 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Tim Key
Director Daikin Marsh
Writer Sally Tatchell
Credits See List
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Twenty-fourth episode of Series 7.


Matt is worried when premature baby daughter Martha needs extra care, and is relieved when she pulls through, but he is desolate to learn that Rosie has started a relationship with Alex, the doctor who saved Martha, and plans to move to Bristol with him and the baby. Zack gets it into his head that Jez is not his father, and takes a DNA test. Jez initially sees this as an attempt by Zack to get his attention, and tells him that he loves him whatever the outcome, and the test confirms that they are father and son. Candora, the cosmetics firm for which Maggie and Grantly have been acting as agents, goes bust, leading to a truce between them, whilst Josh's behaviour gets more bizarre and he ends up injuring his hand by smashing it against a fire alarm button, despite the fact that the fire alarm was already sounding at the time. A doctor tells Tom the boy may have schizophrenia, brought on by his drug abuse, and suggests psychiatric treatment.

Main cast




  • Jo-Anne Knowles as Rosie Matthews (Final appearance)
  • Jonathan Wrather as Dr. Alex Stoneham (Final appearance)
  • Matt Kennard as Craig O'Leary (First appearance)