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Series 7 Episode 22

Episode number 122
Release Date 29th February 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lucy Martin
Director Jonathan Fox Bassett
Writer Davey Jones
Credits See List
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Twenty-second episode of Series 7. This episode has the distinction of being the only ever episode of Waterloo Road to be broadcast on a leap day.


Price is expelled and Tariq only avoids exclusion himself due to Daniel's intervention. As elections for head boy and girl are imminent, Daniel suggests Tariq stand, whilst Trudi and Finn's views on freedom cause Michael to suggest them as candidates, Trudi and Finn eventually winning. When Tariq refuses to be part of the DSC, Kyle Stack, now a member of the gang, gets him to handle a knife that was used in a robbery. Tom discovers Josh's drugs habit, and Sian is shocked when Lauren tells her she is contemplating breast enlargement for work as a model. Grantly sets up a rival home cosmetic sales business to Maggie's, and Rosie is rushed to hospital, where her baby arrives early.

Main cast




  • Jo-Anne Knowles as Rosie Matthews