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Series 7 Episode 21

Episode number 121
Release Date 22nd February 2012
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lucy Martin
Director Jonathan Fox Bassett
Writer Jake Riddell
Credits See List
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Twenty-first episode of Series 7, and the first episode of the third and final part (Spring Term) of Series 7.


Following the hit and run, Tom and Jez return for the new term, Tom unaware that Josh is into drugs. Jez is prime suspect for running Michael over, but, now back with Sian, dares not confess that he was with Janeece. However, Daniel eventually stumbles upon the truth, and Linda is arrested. A hulking youth, Mason Price, joins the school, having been released from Young Offender Centre, where he knew Tariq, and immediately encourages Tariq into joining his gang, the Dale Sken Crew (DSC). Finn takes against Price, and is kidnapped by the gang, who force him to have a knife fight with Price. Fortunately, Trudi rings the police and alerts Daniel, who confiscates the knife. Kyle sees the gang as a means of getting at Finn, whilst Grantly falls foul of new canteen cook Maggie, after criticising her cuisine.

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