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Series 7 Episode 18

Episode number 118
Release Date 2nd November 2011
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lucy Martin
Director Alex Kalymnios
Writer Philip Gawthorne
Credits See List
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Eighteenth episode of Series 7.


Michael is now being targeted by a stalker who rings him at all hours and keys his car. He has a very fraught day when local benefactress Margaret Harker visits the school with a view to donating money. Firstly he discovers during a class that Phoenix was sending him the emails, and gives him a hundred pounds for the evidence. Then, new pupil Freddie Jackson collapses playing football and it is discovered that he has had a heart transplant, making him the object of bullying and ridicule. However, during a debate on freedom, he wins the sympathy and admiration of the school with an impassioned speech, as well as securing funds from Margaret. Scout and Emily get matching tattoos whilst Finn gets drunk in front of Trudi, making a fool of himself.

Main cast




  • Robert Haythorne as Wayne Johnson
  • Meriel Scholfield as Eileen Jackson (One-off appearance)
  • Jane Asher as Margaret Harker (One-off appearance)