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Series 7 Episode 10

Episode number 110
Release Date 6th July 2011
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Tom Mullens
Director Brian Kelly
Writer David McManus
Credits See List
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Tenth episode of Series 7, and the final episode of the first part (Summer Term) of Series 7.


Inspector Alison Drew comes to appraise the school with a view to its survival, but matters are not helped when Chris absents himself to pursue Scout, who has run off with Liam to prevent them being taken into separate care homes, and when Finn and Josh joy-ride in Tom's car. However Eleanor, seeking to atone for her past actions, rallies staff and pupils into a mass protest, ensuring it gets maximum press coverage, denouncing Whitman for using her in a vendetta against the school. Alison is impressed and the school survives. Chris finds a foster home where Scout can be with Liam, but resigns from the school after realising he gets more involved in pupils' lives than teachers should. Karen and Rob, newly qualified as a teacher, also move on together with their children, Aiden promising Jess he will stand by her.

Main cast




  • Tracy-Ann Oberman as Alison Drew (One-off appearance)
  • Tristan and Shaun Pires as Liam Allen
  • Nicholas Gleaves as Richard Whitman (Final appearance)
  • Lisa Riley as Tina Allen
  • Andrew McNair as Darren (Final appearance)