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Series 6 Episode 3

Episode number 83
Release Date 8th September 2010
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Roger Goldby
Writer Liz Lake
Credits See List
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Third episode of Series 6.


Waterloo Road is running a new sexual health initiative, which includes a confidential emergency contraception service. This causes consternation among parents and staff alike. Ronan and his girlfriend, Sarah, are concerned; their condom broke during sex, but while Ronan wants Sarah to take the morning-after pill, she's too mortified to go to the nurse. Jess also has cause for concern: her promiscuous behaviour has resulted in her needing the morning-after pill – again. Unable to go to the nurse herself, Jess persuades Vicki to get the pill for her. Vicki reluctantly agrees, but fails when the nurse realises she's not there for herself. The two girls get into a huge fight which results in Vicki revealing Jess's promiscuity in front of Chris. Chris is concerned for Jess's welfare but she misinterprets this as a sign that he still cares for her.

Main cast




  • Jennifer Hennessy as Claire Evans (One-off appearance)
  • Susan Cookson as Maria Lucas
  • Laura Crossley as the nurse (One-off appearance)