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Series 6 Episode 16

Episode number 96
Release Date 9th March 2011
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Robert Knights
Writer Ellen Taylor
Credits See List
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Sixteenth episode of Series 6.


The truth surrounding Bex's disappearance is finally revealed when a fellow pupil discovers a shocking secret. It sends shockwaves throughout Waterloo Road and tests Tom's recovery when he's forced to deal with the aftermath. Elsewhere, Sambuca and Finn's mutual antagonism develops in an unexpected way, and Jonah suggests to Cesca that they go public as a couple. Hodge continues dating Jess under the name of Ewan. Bex finally confronts Karen with the truth surrounding her disappearance when Wayne Bodley, a Year 11 pupil, stumbles across a video of her on a porn site and spreads the footage around the school. It couldn't be a worse time for Bex, as she prepares her speech on the day of the head pupil elections, and it's left to a still-fragile Tom to get to the bottom of Wayne's behaviour. Bex explains to her mother that she met and lived with an older man who filmed their sex life, but she now wants to put him behind her. However, Bex sees Hodge with Jess and confronts him. He says that he has a porn video of Jess as well, which he will publish unless Bex goes back with him, and so she agrees.

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