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Series 6 Episode 12

Episode number 92
Release Date 9th February 2011
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Jill Robertson
Writer Ann McManus & Eileen Gallagher
Credits See List
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Twelfth episode of Series 6.


Janeece becomes embroiled in a complicated mother-and-daughter struggle leading to a dramatic showdown at Waterloo Road. Elsewhere, a dangerous attraction begins as Cesca tutors Jonah in Spanish lessons, and Grantly's increasingly dishevelled appearance draws attention among staff and pupils.

When Janeece picks up Year 10 pupil Billie Taylor on her way to school, she notices that Billie's mother, Laura, is acting as primary carer for Billie's baby, Brooke. Concerned that Laura is trying to take the baby away from Billie, Janeece takes matters into her own hands – against the advice of Chris and Adanna.

Events spiral out of control between mother and daughter, and it eventually becomes clear that Laura is acting for the good of everybody by seeking to adopt Brooke when Billie, goaded on by the voices she hears in her head, puts her baby in danger, and Chris saves the day. Jess discovers a message from Hodge on Bex's phone and questions her, to no avail. Josh hits it off with new pupil Nate Gurney, whilst Chris tries to reconcile Finn and Kyle by putting them both in the football team.

Main cast




  • Jo Hartley as Laura Taylor (One-off appearance)
  • Tilly Moore McCarthy as Brooke Taylor (One-off appearance)
  • Georgia & Holly Dougdale as Cheryl Bryant