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Series 6 Episode 1

Episode number 81
Release Date 1st September 2010
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Channer
Director Fraser MacDonald
Writer Lisa Holdsworth
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 5 Episode 20
Next episode Series 6 Episode 2

First episode of Series 6.


The arrival of dynamic new head teacher Karen Fisher heralds a fresh start for the school. Opinionated and ambitious, Karen is determined to bring change, making Waterloo Road a safe and vibrant place to learn. However, Karen's steely exterior masks a deeper fragility as she and her family wrestle with a recent tragedy. Karen's first challenge at the school arrives in the form of the Kirbys – sixth-former Jonah and 13-year-old genius Ruth – who have both been home-schooled by their father, Marcus. Marcus's ex-wife, Hannah, wants her children to experience mainstream schooling, but he has little faith in the state education system. While Jonah relishes the opportunity to make new friends and have new experiences, high-achiever Ruth feels she's got little to learn and soon takes matters into her own hands by running away. She is found, but the incident leaves its mark on Karen. There is trouble also for Chris, who has slept with a girl he met in a club, only to discover that it is Karen's schoolgirl daughter Jess. He offers his resignation, but Karen refuses to accept it. New language teacher, spaniard Cesca Montoya, turns male heads, while a pregnant Janeece Bryant returns as school secretary.

Main cast




  • Wil Johnson as Marcus Kirby (First appearance)
  • Kaye Wragg as Hannah Kirby (One-off appearance)
  • Tina O'Brien as Bex Fisher (First appearance, guest)
    • Alycia Booth as young Bex Fisher in a flashback