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Series 5 Episode 9

Episode number 69
Release Date 23th December 2009
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Channer
Director Jonathan Fox Bassett
Writer Linton Chiswick
Credits See List
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Next episode Series 5 Episode 10

Ninth episode of Series 5.


Rachel accompanies Lindsay to court, where she gives evidence of her father's abuse of her. Bullied by the prosecutor, she runs from court and is consoled by Rachel, to whom she confesses she was the killer, not her mother, to stop him repeating the abuse with Emily. After Steph warns Kim about Max, he tries to get her sacked, trying to make out that Jo wants her out. However, when Jo discovers his deceit she threatens to resign if Max does dismiss Steph. Max tries to get Philip to spy on Steph to find fault with her, and when the boy refuses there is a scuffle, ending in Philip being injured. When Ruby gets the truth as to what happened out of him and tells Rachel, Rachel reinstates both Steph and Jo, leading to Max losing it and vandalising her office.

Main cast




  • Sharlene Whyte as Alison Yates (Final appearance)
  • Louise Delamere as Marion James
  • Lynn Roden as the Judge (One-off appearance)
  • Olwen May as the Defence Barrister (One-off appearance)
  • Seamus Gubbins as the Prosecution Barrister (One-off appearance)
  • Georgia Mackenzie as Jennifer Headley