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Series 5 Episode 8

Episode number 68
Release Date 16th December 2009
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Jill Robertson
Writer Katie Douglas
Credits See List
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Eighth episode of Series 5.


Nicknamed Hopeless Hopewell for her ineptitude as a teacher, Helen faces an official inspection, which she passes with flying colours - but only because she has bribed Amy to keep the class under control. When Helen refuses to give in to further blackmail demands, Amy tells Rachel. Max tells Helen he only employed her because they were having an affair, and now wants her out. Chris refuses to back Max but Helen decides it best for her to go, though, unbeknown to Max, she leaves Rachel a compromising film of them together. Kim, unaware of this, is taken in when Max says he is getting a divorce to be with her. Lindsay starts to settle down, and Siobhan and Luke are reconciled.

Main cast