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Series 5 Episode 5

Episode number 65
Release Date 25th November 2009
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Channer
Director Fraser MacDonald
Writer Philip Dodds
Credits See List
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Fifth episode of Series 5.


Rachel and Max must bury their differences and put on a united front as the school's open day comes round. Ruby attempts to upgrade the school canteen by putting expensive items on the menu, paid for by her husband John's credit card. However she is appalled to find out he has gone bankrupt, thus curtailing her elegant lifestyle. Rachel is annoyed to walk in on Kim and Max sharing an intimate moment, and at the open day plans to tell school governor Jen. However, she is informed that Jen is Max's wife.

Main cast




  • Ralph Ineson as John Fry (First appearance)
  • Fiona Allen as Georgia Stevenson
  • Georgia Mackenzie as Jennifer Headley (First appearance)