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Series 5 Episode 20

Episode number 80
Release Date 15th July 2010
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Matthew Evans
Writer Nick Hoare
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 5 Episode 19
Next episode Series 6 Episode 1

Twentieth and final episode of Series 5.


When Finn's parents tell him they are moving away with him, he persuades the increasingly dependent Amy to take part in a suicide pact with him, but they are prevented by Chris, who follows them to the beach where they intend to die. The prom looks to be in danger of cancellation when the hotel hosting it is flooded but fortunately Ollie comes to the rescue, impressing Steph. Despite having gone to the prom with different partners, Sambuca and Bolton realise their attraction to each other and reconcile. Adam is perturbed that Rachel is still putting the school before their relationship, especially when she forgets to book the honeymoon hotel because of the concern over Amy and Finn. And so to prove him wrong, she resigns, to move away with him. Jo and Kim also leave.

Main cast




  • Paul Opacic as Ryan Sharkey (Final appearance)
  • Jayne Ashbourne as Mrs Sharkey (One-off appearance)
  • John McArdle as Oliver Mead (Final appearance)
  • Gillian Waugh as an unnamed registrar (One-off appearance)