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Series 5 Episode 14

Episode number 74
Release Date 28th April 2010
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Channer
Director Tim Hopewell
Writer Lisa Holdsworth
Credits See List
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Fourteenth episode of Series 5.


Josh is now living with Tom, who plans a birthday party for him, however Tom is shocked by his son's callousness to his girlfriend Lauren, who, in order to erase a large birthmark from her back which has caused her to be mocked by the school, steals hydrogen peroxide from the science room to try to bleach it off and ends up with an acid burn. Ruby organises a clothes swap among the students, but is caught by Rachel taking the best clothes for herself and warned by Rachel about her increasingly strange behaviour. Adam's new menu is a great success, somewhat to Rose's annoyance, and when Adam and Rachel get locked in a store room together they have time to catch up on old times.

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