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Series 5 Episode 12

Episode number 72
Release Date 14th April 2010
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Matthew Evans
Writer David McManus
Credits See List
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Twelfth episode of Series 5.


Ruby, accompanied by Steph, takes a group of pupils to a farm run by Mark Moran, older brother of Year 10 student Craig. Chaos results from the badly behaved visitors, triggered by Finn, and Josh is sprayed in the face with chemicals whilst the kids steal a pig. Craig tells Ruby that the farm is in a bad way, Mark only taking it on to please their late father, and he hoped Ruby would persuade Mark to sell. Mark is desperate and wants to take Craig out of school to help him, but Ruby shows that Craig is a good student, dissuading him, urging the brothers to join together and seek financial help.

Rachel notices that, despite her peace-keeping, Ruby is not well and offers time off, which Ruby rejects as she needs the money. Finn's bad boy air attracts Amy, whilst Grantly is outraged by the introduction of a complaints box, and Chris takes Kim for her ultrasound.

Main cast




  • Tom McKay as Mark Moran (One-off appearance)