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Series 5 Episode 11

Episode number 71
Release Date 7th April 2010
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Jane Hudson
Director Matthew Evans
Writer Ann McManus
Credits See List
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Eleventh episode of Series 5 and first episode of the second part (summer term) of Series 5, as well as the first episode to air in the 2010s.


A new term starts and new pupil Finn Sharkey, whom Chris expelled from a previous school, proves to be a disruptive influence. Grantly allows Bianka Vale to go out with her estranged father Gary on her birthday, unaware that Gary is the subject of a restraining order from seeing his children. When Rachel follows, she and Bianka are in danger as Gary plans to blow them up to spite his ex-wife, and they have a narrow escape as he dies in the explosion of his caravan. Ruby Fry starts stealing school property to sell to pay off her debts, and Kim reveals she is pregnant by Max.

Main cast




  • Samantha Seager as Joely Vale (One-off appearance)
  • Dean Andrews as Gary Vale (One-off appearance)