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Series 5 Episode 1

Episode number 61
Release Date 28th October 2009
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Channer
Director Matthew Evans
Writer Ann McManus
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 4 Episode 20
Next episode Series 5 Episode 2

First episode of Series 5.


Waterloo Road is forced to merge with John Foster's, a former private school that has recently closed down, which quickly escalates into chaos. Chris Mead replaces Eddie as deputy, but Rachel is not happy when charismatic Max Tyler, popular with Foster's students, is made executive head, as she finds him overly disciplinarian and bullying.

Of the new staff, Jo Lipsett, new languages head, criticises Steph's teaching method as too informal and not professional enough, whilst Ruby Fry sees Waterloo Road as beneath her. Tom, now English head of department, is unimpressed by newly qualified Helen Hopewell, who, after a run-in with Michaela, accuses her of pushing her down the stairs.

To add to Rachel's woes, the mother of sisters Lindsay and Emily James is accused of murdering their father.

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