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Series 4 Episode 8

Episode number 48
Release Date 25th February 2009
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Channer
Director Matthew Evans
Writer Nick Hoare
Credits See List
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Eighth episode of Series 4.


Rose is getting her children back, and the school passes an inspection, despite a confrontation between Tom and Rob (who is now dating Jasmine). Rachel tells Melissa she should inform Eddie of her situation. Whilst Melissa claims she is waiting for her divorce, Philip tells Rachel that Melissa is still married to her first husband as well as his father. Steph is worried about Maxine, whilst Earl continues to convince Maxine they should settle down. Maxine meets a girl who claims she has had a baby by Earl, which he is hoping to sell. Things escalate when Maxine and Earl argue and Earl's loaded gun goes off, killing Maxine.

Main cast




  • Jenna Southworth as Jade (One-off appearance)