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Series 4 Episode 11

Episode number 51
Release Date 18th March 2009
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Hughff
Director Tim Hopewell
Writer Lisa Holdsworth
Credits See List
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Eleventh episode of Series 4 and the first episode of the 'Summer Term' half of Series 4.


As a new term starts, Kim returns from Rwanda minus Andrew but with baby daughter Grace, whose paternity she is keeping to herself. She is dismayed to find that Chlo is considering leaving school to become a hairdresser, and, to Donte's displeasure, persuades her to stay on and take A-levels.

Flick is confused when she learns that Marley has somehow got together enough money for his family to move but he maintains the pretence of being aloof with her.

A careers day brings glamour model and former Waterloo Road pupil Sarah-Leanne to the school, who tells Kim she left school because she was pregnant but has done well for herself anyway.

Eddie offers to help Rachel take care of Philip in Melissa's absence, saying that he did not love Melissa but was just tired of being on his own.

Main cast




  • Meaghan Mcpherson-Gowe as Grace Campbell (First appearance)
  • Scott Taylor as Peter Sutherland (One-off appearance)
  • Gwilym Lee as Steven (One-off appearance)
  • Rachael Elizabeth as Sarah-Leanne (One-off appearance)