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Series 4 Episode 1

Episode number 41
Release Date 7th January 2009
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sharon Hughff
Director Minkie Spiro
Writer Lisa Holdsworth
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 3 Episode 20
Next episode Series 4 Episode 2

First episode of Series 4.


Having survived the fire, Rachel starts a new term, having to 'welcome' the troublesome Kelly siblings. 15-year old Earl is a borderline psychopath who brings a loaded gun to school and prowls the corridors with slower younger brother Denzil. When Rachel hears about the gun she evacuates the school and calls the police. Earl has given Denzil the gun and he is the one who gets arrested. Two new staff members arrive - handsome P.E. teacher Rob Cleaver and Melissa Ryan, who, unbeknown to everybody else, is Rachel's sister. Davina and Tom find themselves unable to leave work behind when they find the Kellys are their new neighbours.

Main cast