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Series 3 Episode 9

Episode number 29
Release Date 6th December 2007
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lis Steele
Director Laurence Moody
Writer Ann McManus
Sharon Oakes
Credits See List
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Ninth episode of Series 3.


Aleesha is proving a nightmare as leading lady in the school musical, so Matt is glad to get the chance to fire her after she has been bullying Karla. He asks Mika to return. Mika thinks she might be pregnant by Brett, who is disappointed to learn that it is a false alarm. On an archaeological dig on the school grounds, supervised by Grantly Budgen, the students find a baby's skeleton, and the police are called. Ultimately Maxine admits the child was hers by the now reformed Lewis Seddon, who is working in the school canteen. The incident brings them back together. Donte has a new love interest in pupil Celine. Rachel learns that Eddie's ex-wife is preventing him from seeing his son and sets about putting the matter right.

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