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Series 3 Episode 8

Episode number 28
Release Date 29th November 2007
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lis Steele
Director Martin Hutchings
Writer Lisa Holdsworth
Ian Pike
Credits See List
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Eighth episode of Series 3.


Chlo reacts coolly when Donte requests a reconciliation, and Rachel has to dissuade Brett from leaving due to guilt, since he is her star pupil. Rachel also gets involved in helping Sally Froggatt, whose single mother has gone on holiday, leaving her to juggle her school attendance with minding her baby brother. After criticising Matt's script for the school musical 'Park Side Story', Jasmine agrees to help him rewrite it. Eddie, having taken a group of boys on an outward bound weekend, ends up in a neck-brace, thanks to the feud between Grantly and bad lad Bolton Smilie.

Main cast




  • Kitty Simpson as Denise Froggart (One-off appearance)
  • Justin Pierre as Griff (One-off appearance)