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Series 3 Episode 3

Episode number 23
Release Date 25th October 2007
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lis Steele
Director Dermot Boyd
Writer David McManus
Credits See List
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Third episode of Series 3.


Donte goes behind Chlo's back to put down a deposit on a dilapidated flat. Chlo is less than pleased and Tom persuades them to stay with him. Jasmine has trouble controlling an unruly class and puts half of them in detention. Unfortunately they comprise the girls' football team, due to play their debut match. Eddie persuades Jasmine to postpone the detention to facilitate the match but Jasmine herself saves the day by passing herself off as a pupil and playing in the match, scoring the necessary goals. Matt is annoyed that Steph is taking over the musical, giving the leading female role to Mika, rather than the more talented Aleesha, whom Steph dislikes. When Matt declines a drink with her, Steph accepts an evening with Jack, who builds her hopes up after a drunken fumble.

Main cast




  • Maria Lennon as Ria Cheetham (First appearance)
  • Chris Finch as Colin Scott