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Series 3 Episode 16

Episode number 36
Release Date 14th February 2008
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lis Steele
Director Julie Edwards
Writer David McManus
Credits See List
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Sixteenth episode of Series 3.


Eddie learns that Rachel is a former prostitute, and accuses her of sleeping with Hordley for the contract, which she denies. He urges her to resign, but when she refuses, he stuns her by resigning himself. Janeece declares that she and supply teacher Wilson Bingham are in love, and he secretly returns her affection whilst asking her to tell nobody else. However after he has had sex with her in a hotel he dumps her and it turns out that he is an impostor who preys on young girls and who assumed the real Wilson's identity to claim his latest conquest.

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