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Series 3 Episode 15

Episode number 35
Release Date 7th February 2008
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lis Steele
Director Julie Edwards
Writer Michael Jenner
Credits See List
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Fifteenth episode of Series 3.


Matt is horrified to learn that his mother, to whom he has never confessed his homosexuality, is coming to visit, and asks boyfriend Colin to move out of the flat during her stay. Not only is Colin enraged, dumping him, but Maxine overhears, outing Matt to the school. Reactions are mixed but there is as much support as homophobia and Matt is moved when pupil Dominic tells him that he is gay as well. Matt patches things up with Colin but is surprised to learn his mother knew about him all along. Eddie campaigns on Jasmine's behalf, exposing the bullies' lies, and she is reinstated. Rachel turns down Hordley's offer of a date but leaves the envelope which he returned containing her guilty secret on her desk, where its contents are accidentally read by Eddie.

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