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Series 2 Episode 12

Episode number 20
Release Date 26th April 2007
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Sue de Beauvoir
Director Lance Kneeshaw
Writer Harriet Warner
Credits See List
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Twelfth and final episode of Series 2.


Jerry Preston continues to indoctrinate the school with his Creationist group. However the final straw comes at a school memorial assembly for Lorna when he tries to make capital out of her death for his own ends and Andrew stands up to him. This gives Jack the wake up call he needs and he decides to get rid of Preston and regain control of his school. Lewis Seddon has a falling-out with his drug dealing cousin Jed after spiking Chlo's drink, as a result of which Lewis informs the police where the family's drug factory is. Jed Seddon comes to the school armed with a knife, spoiling for a confrontation with Jack, but Izzie, who intervenes in the fight trying to help Jack, ends up being fatally stabbed.

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