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"Christine’s not perfect but this job isn’t about perfection. It’s about instinct and heart and she’s got both in spades."
Simon Lowsley

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Series 10 Episode 20
A Fairytale Ending

Episode number 200
Release Date 9th March 2015
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Kate Crowther
Director Steve Hughes
Writer Chris Murray
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 10 Episode 19
Next episode N/A

A Fairytale Ending is the twentieth and final episode of Series 10, and the 200th and final episode overall. It aired exactly nine years to the day after the very first episode.

At the very end of the episode, quotes are heard, from current characters and characters who left or died in past series. In order - Vaughan Fitzgerald, Chlo Grainger, Max Tyler, Finn Sharkey, Kim Campbell, Gabriella Wark, Barry Barry, George Windsor, Carol Barry and Grantly Budgen. Many fans were disappointed with this line-up, and wished to see other iconic characters mentioned such as Jack Rimmer, Tom Clarkson, Steph Haydock, Janeece Bryant, Chris Mead, Rachel Mason, and many more.


Christine is shocked to find that Vaughan, already admitting defeat, cannot be bothered to attend the public consultation and argue against the schools' merger, so she decides that the pupils should do the presentation. Rob shows his true colours when it becomes apparent that he has no interest in saving the school, only trying to bully Lorna into a reconciliation, and he is arrested after assaulting Marco and locking him in a walk-in freezer with Kenzie, who is due to lead the presentation. At the same time, Darren accidentally makes a discovery proving that the merger would not be as beneficial as it first appears, and involves private interests. Eventually Leo persuades Vaughan to turn up and take to the stage, whilst the pupils lock the audience in as they put their case to keep Waterloo Road independent.

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End Quotes

Vaughan Fitzgerald - "I've made some stupid decisions in my time, but I've never given up on a kid."

Chlo Grainger - "I don't wanna be the school freak show! You know, the girl everyone looks at cause she was dumb enough to get herself pregnant!" Series 4, Episode 7 - 6mins 8secs (when Chlo finds out she's pregnant and Janeece and Maxine try to help her decide whether she should tell Donte)

Max Tyler - "Play games with me again, Sambuca, and your whole family will suffer. You're vermin."

Finn Sharkey - "Finn Sharkey, I start today. Lucky old Waterloo Road, eh?" Series 5, Episode 11 - 1min 47secs (when Finn starts at Waterloo Road for the first time and meets Steph and Grantly outside the school gates)

Kim Campbell - "Number one, they're not allowed to kill you. It's against school rules." Series 5 Episode 7 - 11mins 48secs (when Cassie Turner believes she is being bullied by the girls in her year)

Gabriella Wark - "Well, dear, I suggest you teach me something I don't already know, then." Series 9 Episode 11 - 13mins 38secs (when Gabriella is bored in Audrey's history class)

Barry Barry - "I heard it was an opportunity for me to have a say in the future of MY school."

George Windsor - "Can we expect a terror alert every morning? Perhaps a fire bomb tomorrow, or an acid attack?" Series 9 Episode 11 - 20mins 16secs (when George introduces himself to Hector Reid after he "breaks into" the school during the resilience assembly)

Carol Barry - "I'm your worst nightmare. Cheques payable to Carol Barry."

Grantly Budgen - "I turned up for a week's cover - ended up staying 25 years!" Series 5 Episode 10 - 12mins 9secs (when Fleur sends Grantly and Steph 25 roses for their 25 year anniversary of working at Waterloo Road, and Steph forgets to organise the party)